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Did you ever dream that you were flying like a bird? So this dream can become true with us, give us a chance and contact us right now to have one of the best expriences in your life. Don't miss this shot.

We do have plenty of experience, our company is working since 1986, and we always had safety as our first target. Message us right now by Whatsapp link on website or clicking above

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What's Included in your Package
- Registration Fee from our Association
- Safety Equipaments
- Ride up on our car to the ramp (We will ride inside Tijuca Nacional Park)
- ONE GoPro Camera Photos and Video
- Experienced Instructor
- Last and not less important, much fun involved!
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Learning about our Hang Gliding Spot

Rio is the best and the safest city in the world for Hang Gliding and Just Fly Rio is the best choice for this unforgettable experience. 
Our site is located at São Conrado neighborhood, the ramp is located at a height of 520 meters and inside the Tijuca Forest. This is the only Ramp in the city and the most beautiful one in the world, as we are the only one with the city, the beach, forest and the mountains all together in one. 
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Flight Procedures


First we will meet at our landing area, that's the São Conrado Beach. There we will head to the Association to do the registration and pay the insurance fee.
Once done, we will get on our instructors car and head up to the ramp, that's a beautiful car ride inside the forest and takes not longer than 15 minutes.
Reaching the ramp, we will unpack our equipament, and in a few minutes we will be ready to take off!

The rest, you already know,  you will be flying and enjoying the adrenaline!

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Our Team

Just Fly Rio is owned and operated by Paulo Celani an instructor with over 36 years of hang gliding experience. 
All instructors working with our company have over 20 years of hang gliding and paragliding experience and all are certified and accredited by the Brazilian Hang Gliding/Paragliding Federation and Rio Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association. 

So, you will be always in good hands flying with Just Fly Rio.

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